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11 July 2009 – Price Indices

11th Ottawa Group meeting 2009 |

A paper reviewing the main conceptual advances of my PhD thesis has been accepted as room document at the 11th Ottawa Group meeting (co-authored with H. W. Brachinger). It is also available from the DQE Working Paper Series.

19 November 2008 – Math and Music

the correlation between math and music |

“Is there really a connection between mathematics and music?” asks Kate Schweitzer in Popular Mechanics: Read more

20 July 2008 – Price Indices

Deutsche Kurzfassung der Dissertation |

Eine deutsche Kurzfassung meiner Dissertation ist unter dem Titel «Modellierung und Schätzung hedonischer Elementarpreisindizes» erschienen in Wirtschaft und Statistik 4/2008, herausgegeben vom deutschen Statistischen Bundesamt.

22 November 2007 – Price Indices

Gerhard Fürst Award |

On 22 November 2007, the German Federal Statistical Office awarded me the Gerhard Fürst Award 2007 for my PhD thesis.

15 November 2007 – Price Indices

Joseph Vigener prize |

On 15 November 2007, the University of Fribourg awarded me the Joseph Vigener prize 2007 of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences for my PhD thesis.

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Some highlights of current and former research projects in which I am or I was involved.

June 2014 – Energy markets

Erlöspotential im Schweizer Tertiärregelmarkt |

The analysis attempts to estimate the revenue potential from the provision of tertiary reserve capacity in the Swiss electricity control area based on publicly available data on historic tenders (June 2010–December 2013). A series of bidding strategies is defined for this purpose and backtested over the available time frame. We compare deterministic strategies derived from the observed price distribution of the previous day or week on the one hand with a model-based strategy on the other hand. The latter is implemented as a random forest regression model that takes into account, amongst other factors, the fill level of reservoir lakes in Switzerland.

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December 2013 – Energy markets

Mehr Transparenz im Energiegrosshandel |

Die Auswirkungen der REMIT-Verordnung der EU auf Schweizer Energieversorgungsunternehmen ist Gegenstand eines Artikels, den ich zusammen mit Karl Zgraggen im Bulletin SEV/VSE vom Dezember 2013 veröffentlichen konnte.

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June 2007 – Math and Music

mathematics and music |

Mathematics and music play very different roles in society. However, they are more closely related to each other than they are commonly perceived to be. This paper identifies such links in three different areas and concludes with the insight that music often has some mathematical characteristics and, more importantly, that artistic aspects can be found in mathematics as well.

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Hedonic Elementary Price Indices Book Cover

December 2006 – Price Indices

hedonic elementary price indices |

My PhD thesis sheds some light on the theoretical foundations of hedonic elementary price indices. While being seen as the most promising method for quality-adjusting price indices, the hedonic approach bases upon econometric concepts that used to lack a solid formal description. The thesis tries to fill these gaps and examines hedonic elementary price indices from an axiomatic viewpoint. An application to the market of used cars in Switzerland shows and compares the empirical nature of alternative index estimators.

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August 2006 – Price Indices

Bootstrapping a Hedonic Price Index |

Bootstrap resampling methods provide a tool for quantifying sampling errors. Following some general reflections on hedonic elementary price indices, this paper proposes a case-based, a model-based, and a wild bootstrap approach for estimating confidence intervals for hedonic price indices.

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December 2001 – Research

Asymptotic Properties of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Dichotomous Logistic Regression Models |

This thesis presents novel proofs for the convergence in probability and the asymptotic normality of the maximum likelihood estimator in logistic regression models. As a peculiarity of the procedure presented, the number of explanatory variables is allowed to grow simultaneously with the number of observations.

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Vibrating membrane

February 2001 – Research

Die Schwingende Membran |

Seminarvortrag über die Lösungen der partiellen Differentialgleichung einer eingespannten homogenen schwingenden Membran

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May 2000 – Financial mathematics

Option pricing |

Seminarvortrag über die Preisbestimmung von Finanzmarktoptionen nach dem Modell nach Cox-Ross-Rubinstein

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Sample directed graph

March 2000 – Input Output Analysis

input-output-analyse |

Seminararbeit zur qualitativen Auswertung von Input-Output-Tabellen mittels Instrumenten der mathematischen Graphentheorie.

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Publications |

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A further listing of publications is available on my RePEc author page.